Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 7 study questions

1. Why does Gatsby stop giving parties?
Gatsby has finally found daisy and is with her a lot. The only reason that he was throwing parties is to find out if anybody knew her, or where to find her. Know that Gatsby has found her there is no need to throw parties.

2. When does Tom first realize that Daisy loves Gatsby?

Nick goes over to Daisy house for lunch there he sees Gatsby and Jordan with Daisy. Both Daisy and Gatsby stare at each other with a passion, with tom standing right there; that then he realize what Daisy is in love with Gatsby.

3. Why is myrtle Wilson upset when she sees tom with Jordan?

Myrtle has never meet daisy and has no idea what tom’s wife looks like; so she just assumes that Jordan is tom’s wife. She is very upset about this.

4. Why does Gatsby view daisy’s child with surprise?

Gatsby has still not realized that after he left for the war she has moved on with her life. Daisy has gotten marry and had a child, Gatsby though that this whole time she was just waiting for him. And that the marriage to tom was not even serious.

5. Why does Gatsby object to letting Tom drive his car?

Gatsby’s car is much more impressive that tom’s and unique, so he wants to show it off to daisy to show her he is the better man. Gatsby wants to spen more alone time with daisy as well.

6. What ironic situation is occurring on the drive to town?

The fact that Tom just realize that his wife is cheating on her with a other men, and that he is right in front of him this whole time. Wilson has also realize that his wife has been cheating on him, and its tom someone who is right in front of him.
7. What is the significance of “blocks” Biloxi?

The memory daisy has of her wedding is that Biloxi fainted and that he stay with her family and right after her father died. The fact that nobody actually knew him, but he seem to know daisy, seem to be a connection in which daisy father could have be involve in some sort of “under the table” business.

8. Why is nick pleased with Gatsby’s honesty about oxford?

Tom keeps on saying that Gatsby is not a man to be trusted with all his lies. Then Gatsby admits to it and reveals the truth; so nick is thinking that Gatsby can be trusted because he is able to say the truth.

9. What has increased tom’s hatred of Gatsby?

When driving back home tom notices a lot of people at Wilsons; which he later finds out that it is because myrtle has died. She was run over by a yellow car, Gatsby car; also Wilson thinks its tom’s doing so that makes it even worse. Tom hates Gatsby even more know, he ran over his lover and made him take the blame.

10. Why does tom refer to the liaison between daisy and Gatsby in terms of intermarriage?

Tom knows that daisy is a catholic and Gatsby is not, and that they could never be together. Also he also refers that daisy has always been rich “old money” and Gatsby is “new money” to him that is a completely different race and daisy will never be with Gatsby.

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